DIY Upcycled Coasters

Hi folks!!!

 I am back again  and I miss you all. I admit its been a long time that I posted anything on this blog. I know I have to post frequently but things were a bit crazy. Anyways from now on you will be seeing more of me. I have lots of DIY and decor inspirations to share so let move on.

Today the old coasters are getting a new look with this simple DIY you can do at home for few bucks. I had these wicker coasters for a while and I liked them too. I like anything  wicker for the style and intricate design . But the coasters lacked some color and now I hardly use them . So the DIY  thought came to pep them for some color inspiration on the wall and here we go.

Things you need:

1.Wicker coasters

2. Acrylic paints

3. Small mirrors (You can get from any craft store for under  $3)

4. Craft glue , Paint brush , Craft Paper and Scissors




1. Start by painting the wicker with the color you choose and let it dry. I choose Electric Pink and Cadmium Yellow.

2. Also glue the craft paper that goes well with the color. Let dry.


3. Glue the mirror.

4. Voila a super easy wall decor . Hang it anywhere for a fresh look this summer.


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Images: My Home.


Playing with colors and textures

Hi there!

How have you been? The spring is here but the snow is still chasing us.  This morning it was quiet chilly and I felt like let it snow, let it snow…somewhere else.  Seriously, we had so much of it and even in spring its making me sick. I woke up looking at my car all covered in snow. At least I was happy that I didn’t had to shovel the walk way. I wish the whether turns warm soon.

While the weather here is playing, I am too…playing with colors to find some decor inspiration . I picked some wild flowers right across my street and they looked like dried queen anne lace flower. I am not sure but they looked lovely. As if someone glued miniature cinnamon sticks on to the florets….how amazing nature is. So  I decided to decorate with these. And wherever I placed it, it transformed the whole look.

 On my painted notebook cover…

Some yellow fabric for a lovely combo…


And finally I couldn’t wait to decorate it beside my Buddha. The flowers, orange vase and those grey shades which all made a perfect vignette, made me happy too.  And all these didn’t cost me at all. Look outside and you can find inspiration just within your reach.

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Have a nice day.



Images: My home.

A Happy Spring Home

Spring is the time when everything looks beautiful, feels wonderful. And why not, after the terrible winter which lasted so long and felt like ages…the warm sun and bright sky is a total relief . I am finally happy that the snow days are all over and its time for joy.  The chirping birds, blooming trees, pleasant days….  ah lovely.

And today you are going to see just what i mean. A happy and cheerful home.


This cottage style home filled with spring colors looks stunning


The bright pink and orange tones surely bring freshness inside.



Lovely greens


For a good nights rest..



 And this is my kind of kitchen…simple rustic style


Did you like the tour? Let me know how spring has sprung in your home.

Have a great day.


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Ugadi Wishes

Hi all,

The morning light, bright flowers and the traditional brass lamps can turn anything magical. Ugadi which means the first day of the telugu calender year is all about celebrating life with all kinds of experiences and to accept them with equanimity through the New Year …so enjoy these small moments and have a great day.

Happy Ugadi !!!

Images: My Home.

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Ah…finally the sun is out. It’s getting warmer day by day . And yes I am happy about that . After this long snowy winter as the signs of spring are showing up I am making most use of it. Some sunshine with pretty flowers and a good read is what after all you need. And then in pursuit of happiness, I found it within.



Images: My home.

Itty Bitty Hearts

Hi there!

How are you folks? The season of love has arrived and the Valentines Day is not so far. Well, you all may be celebrating and expressing it your own way. Then why not go little further considering these itty bitty hearts for your loved ones as a perfect gift or simply to adorn your home .

Robert Gordon who creates these lovely home goods with his daughter says  ” We create handmade, hand built ceramic pottery, with an earthy look and feel. Hand built pottery is not machine made! It will have it’s own personality and imperfections, which makes it a truly unique piece!

I am in love with these. They are so adorable with the golden edge to the pottery. It brings an artistic look and would make an ideal gift for anyone. 

To view all their collection click HERE.


Collages1Little hearts to hold rings

Collages2Trinket dishes and bowls



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For A Good Start…

Hi Folks!

Its been quite a while that I was away. Well lot of things were happening in my world. I went to India to attend my brother’s wedding. You know the things we need to take care of before and after the travel. I had all those things and I am back now…ah I missed you all a lot.

It was a fabulous wedding with kith and kin around. Long chit chatting nights, tiring days, shopping, the never-ending phone calls. It was a lot of fun. And today guess what… its Vasantha Panchami.  It is an auspicious day for  small kids to start their learning process officially.  And who else can bestow you with those powers than Goddess Saraswathi. So here you are for a good start.

Have a happy day.





Images: My Home

Vintage Home Decor from NapaStyle

This holiday season spice up your home with the Vintage Collection from NapaStyle. The eclectic mix of vintage and modern is the perfect look for the holidays to carry on the tradition. I am very much delighted to show you all their wonderful products this day.

This store was founded by chef, TV host and author Michael Chiarello. Despite his passion for cooking and rustic living, he is also fascinated by vintage home goods, barn wood furniture and accents. Get the look to make a fashion statement.


Vintage rail road lanterns and wine jugs




35756Copper milk cans







Holiday pillows and cushions…



Images: via

A Rustic Farmhouse in Formentera

Hi there!

How are you guys doing? How is your week so far?

Today I am going to take you to a rustic farmhouse in Formentera. This old farmhouse is restored without modifying the old world charm and decorating just the right way. What I like the most is the outdoor space that is completely inviting. Adding some decor elements, low seating, oriental carpets and cushions the space is well used. Those lovely lanterns bring style and color to the place too.




The house inside is kept the same way with basic style elements. The living room with wooden beams and a large window to view the patio is bright and airy to have some family time together.





Anyone who loves rustic kitchens like me is sure going to love it. Simple and elegant kitchens always make some impression. This kitchen is designed to get that rustic look and the task is well accomplished.



I am sure you enjoyed those colors. Have a good time.

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Happy Weekend

Hi there!

How are you guys doing? Hope you all had fun with Diwali celebrations last week. This week I was a super busy running here and there, shopping for my little kids birthday, doing DIY stuff, decorating….ahh. I am totally tired and yet there is lot more to come..:).

The weather here is turning bad. The Autumn will be gone soon and just as those lovely colors fade away, winter will bring snow and all kinds of stuff I hate. And I wait eagerly for the next season to arrive. Anyways today I am finding little warmth with simple vignette styling at home.

The flowers and low candle flame are doing the job well. The Lord Krishna and Radha are having some intimate time too. Have fun and enjoy your weekend.



Images: My Home.