An auspicious day…Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Today is Ganesh Chaturdhi and the celebrations started much earlier than the previous year. Because I planned to make a clay mould of Ganesha this time. And I am very happy the way the mould came out.


Here are the instructions for making your own Ganesha at home.
Things you will need:
1. Fimo clay package.
2. DecoArt metallic paint
3. Decorative beads.

First start my taking some clay and pressing it between your hands. This is called conditioning. Press until you feel the clay is easy to work on. I used Fimo firm clay for this. You can use the soft ones too. Just make sure it is not too soft.

Second make 3 balls. A small one, next little bigger one and finally much bigger one.The smaller one is for the head. The bigger one is the torso and the last one is the bottom/ hip part. Similarly make ears and trunk with small balls. Attach them to the head.

And at last use some metallic paint and let it dry for half hour or so. Then attach some colorful beads. That’s it you are done. I did not bake my mould as it was firm and was holding the parts still. You can bake it according to the package instructions if you wish to. And let your creativity flow.


Images: My home


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