Some Rustic Comfort Food….The Indian Way

Hello Readers!!!

We all love cookery books. Don’t we? Be it a beginner or an expert in cooking, we love to learn and present it in a new way. And there’s never been a better time than this festival season to experiment and rejoice.

I have never read cookbooks before until recently I found this amazing book by Mridula Baljekar about Indian Cooking. I have always loved cooking simple traditional recipes packed with nutritional values bringing comfort. If you are one like me then you sure are going to love Mridula’s cookery books. Here is her book “Vegetarian Indian food and Cooking”. All the recipes are shown with detailed instructions and gorgeous photos .I had tried some of those and every recipe turned out delicious. Right now with the weather being chilly, I am finding warmth and comfort through this book and enjoying it the Indian way.

Happy Weekend and have fun this festive season.






Images: My Home.


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