DIY Painted Diwali Diyas and Home Decor Tips

Hi Readers!

Diwali , the festival of lights is approaching pretty quick. Is your home all ready for the glow? I am super excited to share some easy decor ideas to spice and up your home for this Diwali.


The first and foremost thing that gets stuck in your mind are the diyas, ofcourse. Then lets make some painted diyas right at home with easy steps to follow. This festival season these inspiring ideas are going to transform your home instantly and adds lot of color to welcome.

Stay tuned for more DIY series.


Things you will need:
1. Clay diyas.

2. Acrylic craft colors.

3. Metallic gold color.

4. Brushes

5. Glue and beads (optional).

Paint the diyas with the color you like. Let them dry for 10 mins or so. They dry up really quick. Next give them a gold outline for designs like petals, leaves and stems etc… Let them dry and glue some colorful beads if you wish. I left mines without attaching beads as they looked simple and elegant.
That’s it you are done.



And now for the decor tips:

1. Take out your coasters to add color to the diyas. Be it fabric or glass. They work really well.
2.Mix some lovely stoles and shawls to add life.



3. Now look for chalk boards and express yourself. Draw rangoli and may be you can add some color to them and you will have an awesome decor all set for the occasion.




Happy Diwali and be creative.


Images: My Home.


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