Playing with colors and textures

Hi there!

How have you been? The spring is here but the snow is still chasing us.  This morning it was quiet chilly and I felt like let it snow, let it snow…somewhere else.  Seriously, we had so much of it and even in spring its making me sick. I woke up looking at my car all covered in snow. At least I was happy that I didn’t had to shovel the walk way. I wish the whether turns warm soon.

While the weather here is playing, I am too…playing with colors to find some decor inspiration . I picked some wild flowers right across my street and they looked like dried queen anne lace flower. I am not sure but they looked lovely. As if someone glued miniature cinnamon sticks on to the florets….how amazing nature is. So  I decided to decorate with these. And wherever I placed it, it transformed the whole look.

 On my painted notebook cover…

Some yellow fabric for a lovely combo…


And finally I couldn’t wait to decorate it beside my Buddha. The flowers, orange vase and those grey shades which all made a perfect vignette, made me happy too.  And all these didn’t cost me at all. Look outside and you can find inspiration just within your reach.

Stay inspired through my Facebook page also and a DIY stuff is coming on your way. So stay tuned for Pretty Decors.

Have a nice day.



Images: My home.


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