DIY Upcycled Coasters

Hi folks!!!

 I am back again  and I miss you all. I admit its been a long time that I posted anything on this blog. I know I have to post frequently but things were a bit crazy. Anyways from now on you will be seeing more of me. I have lots of DIY and decor inspirations to share so let move on.

Today the old coasters are getting a new look with this simple DIY you can do at home for few bucks. I had these wicker coasters for a while and I liked them too. I like anything  wicker for the style and intricate design . But the coasters lacked some color and now I hardly use them . So the DIY  thought came to pep them for some color inspiration on the wall and here we go.

Things you need:

1.Wicker coasters

2. Acrylic paints

3. Small mirrors (You can get from any craft store for under  $3)

4. Craft glue , Paint brush , Craft Paper and Scissors




1. Start by painting the wicker with the color you choose and let it dry. I choose Electric Pink and Cadmium Yellow.

2. Also glue the craft paper that goes well with the color. Let dry.


3. Glue the mirror.

4. Voila a super easy wall decor . Hang it anywhere for a fresh look this summer.


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Images: My Home.


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