DIY Upcycled Coasters

Hi folks!!!

 I am back again  and I miss you all. I admit its been a long time that I posted anything on this blog. I know I have to post frequently but things were a bit crazy. Anyways from now on you will be seeing more of me. I have lots of DIY and decor inspirations to share so let move on.

Today the old coasters are getting a new look with this simple DIY you can do at home for few bucks. I had these wicker coasters for a while and I liked them too. I like anything  wicker for the style and intricate design . But the coasters lacked some color and now I hardly use them . So the DIY  thought came to pep them for some color inspiration on the wall and here we go.

Things you need:

1.Wicker coasters

2. Acrylic paints

3. Small mirrors (You can get from any craft store for under  $3)

4. Craft glue , Paint brush , Craft Paper and Scissors




1. Start by painting the wicker with the color you choose and let it dry. I choose Electric Pink and Cadmium Yellow.

2. Also glue the craft paper that goes well with the color. Let dry.


3. Glue the mirror.

4. Voila a super easy wall decor . Hang it anywhere for a fresh look this summer.


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Images: My Home.


Vintage Home Decor from NapaStyle

This holiday season spice up your home with the Vintage Collection from NapaStyle. The eclectic mix of vintage and modern is the perfect look for the holidays to carry on the tradition. I am very much delighted to show you all their wonderful products this day.

This store was founded by chef, TV host and author Michael Chiarello. Despite his passion for cooking and rustic living, he is also fascinated by vintage home goods, barn wood furniture and accents. Get the look to make a fashion statement.


Vintage rail road lanterns and wine jugs




35756Copper milk cans







Holiday pillows and cushions…



Images: via

Happy Weekend

Hi there!

How are you guys doing? Hope you all had fun with Diwali celebrations last week. This week I was a super busy running here and there, shopping for my little kids birthday, doing DIY stuff, decorating….ahh. I am totally tired and yet there is lot more to come..:).

The weather here is turning bad. The Autumn will be gone soon and just as those lovely colors fade away, winter will bring snow and all kinds of stuff I hate. And I wait eagerly for the next season to arrive. Anyways today I am finding little warmth with simple vignette styling at home.

The flowers and low candle flame are doing the job well. The Lord Krishna and Radha are having some intimate time too. Have fun and enjoy your weekend.



Images: My Home.

DIY Painted Diwali Diyas and Home Decor Tips

Hi Readers!

Diwali , the festival of lights is approaching pretty quick. Is your home all ready for the glow? I am super excited to share some easy decor ideas to spice and up your home for this Diwali.


The first and foremost thing that gets stuck in your mind are the diyas, ofcourse. Then lets make some painted diyas right at home with easy steps to follow. This festival season these inspiring ideas are going to transform your home instantly and adds lot of color to welcome.

Stay tuned for more DIY series.


Things you will need:
1. Clay diyas.

2. Acrylic craft colors.

3. Metallic gold color.

4. Brushes

5. Glue and beads (optional).

Paint the diyas with the color you like. Let them dry for 10 mins or so. They dry up really quick. Next give them a gold outline for designs like petals, leaves and stems etc… Let them dry and glue some colorful beads if you wish. I left mines without attaching beads as they looked simple and elegant.
That’s it you are done.



And now for the decor tips:

1. Take out your coasters to add color to the diyas. Be it fabric or glass. They work really well.
2.Mix some lovely stoles and shawls to add life.



3. Now look for chalk boards and express yourself. Draw rangoli and may be you can add some color to them and you will have an awesome decor all set for the occasion.




Happy Diwali and be creative.


Images: My Home.

Featuring Online Store: CraftAura

Hi all,

I have been eagerly waiting to show you all these wonderful pictures from the store CraftAura. I found this store unexpectedly in Etsy and the minute I saw the products I was totally in love with them.

 CraftAura showcases ethnic Indian fabric crafts which are one of a kind with bright and bold colors just right for your home. The shop owner Lalit Rathi says:

All the goods at CraftAura are handpicked from the villages at a very raw stage and finished to perfection, are objective is to deliver excellent product quality and great customer support. We at CraftAura want to build a unique relation with customers who not only buy our products but connect to our philosophy of creating products that enrich our lives.

Shop the store for vibrant Kantha pillow covers,quilts,blankets,embroidered bedspreads, poufs, ottomans, bags and rugs too.

Exotic pillows and rugs…



Kantha work on quilts and blankets



More vibrant colors…







Hope you all enjoyed the tour. Thanks Lalit .

Images: CraftAura and are subjected to copyright.

DIY fabric planter

Its been a while that I haven’t posted any DIY stuff. So here is a cool planter for your home/patio. With the summer out there …its time for potting plants, rearranging them and to find the perfect planters for them too.

We all have pieces of fabric laying around neglected or buried in the closet for long time. Take them out , choose the fabric right for you and put them to a good use. Check out the step by step instructions for this lovely fabric planter here.

Images: via

D.I.Y hangings

We moved to a new apartment recently and I was busy decorating my home. I have been looking for some simple and yet eye catching wall hanging. Some used air wick bottles were lying around. Thought I can use them as decor items…and here they are….



Things you need:

  • Used bottles
  • Acrylic paint
  • colorful beads
  • Yarn or string
  • Lace
  • Glue and
  • Scissors

How to do it:

First paint your bottles with the color you like. Let them dry. Now apply glue to  one end of the lace and put it on the middle of the bottle joining the other end. Do the same for the neck of the bottle. Take a string or yarn and tie a knot holding the bottle neck. Insert some colorful beads and repeat the process. That’s it you are done.

Image: My home.