DIY Upcycled Coasters

Hi folks!!!

 I am back again  and I miss you all. I admit its been a long time that I posted anything on this blog. I know I have to post frequently but things were a bit crazy. Anyways from now on you will be seeing more of me. I have lots of DIY and decor inspirations to share so let move on.

Today the old coasters are getting a new look with this simple DIY you can do at home for few bucks. I had these wicker coasters for a while and I liked them too. I like anything  wicker for the style and intricate design . But the coasters lacked some color and now I hardly use them . So the DIY  thought came to pep them for some color inspiration on the wall and here we go.

Things you need:

1.Wicker coasters

2. Acrylic paints

3. Small mirrors (You can get from any craft store for under  $3)

4. Craft glue , Paint brush , Craft Paper and Scissors




1. Start by painting the wicker with the color you choose and let it dry. I choose Electric Pink and Cadmium Yellow.

2. Also glue the craft paper that goes well with the color. Let dry.


3. Glue the mirror.

4. Voila a super easy wall decor . Hang it anywhere for a fresh look this summer.


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Images: My Home.


Diwali Styling And Decor Tips At Home

The festival mood is in every corner of the house now. Celebrations in every Indian home begin with cleaning, rearranging stuff, preparing traditional sweets….the list goes on. While styling and decorating might seem difficult during busy days, I am showing you some easy yet effective ways to bring joy and happiness to your home.

Look around in your home,the pooja room, the kitchen you will definitely find styling elements. Incorporate traditional brass lamps with flowers ,candles and some color. Also you can use brass lamps to hold flowers or turmeric and kumkum in them. Look how easy is styling with these inexpensive ways to create the perfect festive mood.

Happy Diwali to you all !!!





Images: My Home.

DIY Painted Diwali Diyas and Home Decor Tips

Hi Readers!

Diwali , the festival of lights is approaching pretty quick. Is your home all ready for the glow? I am super excited to share some easy decor ideas to spice and up your home for this Diwali.


The first and foremost thing that gets stuck in your mind are the diyas, ofcourse. Then lets make some painted diyas right at home with easy steps to follow. This festival season these inspiring ideas are going to transform your home instantly and adds lot of color to welcome.

Stay tuned for more DIY series.


Things you will need:
1. Clay diyas.

2. Acrylic craft colors.

3. Metallic gold color.

4. Brushes

5. Glue and beads (optional).

Paint the diyas with the color you like. Let them dry for 10 mins or so. They dry up really quick. Next give them a gold outline for designs like petals, leaves and stems etc… Let them dry and glue some colorful beads if you wish. I left mines without attaching beads as they looked simple and elegant.
That’s it you are done.



And now for the decor tips:

1. Take out your coasters to add color to the diyas. Be it fabric or glass. They work really well.
2.Mix some lovely stoles and shawls to add life.



3. Now look for chalk boards and express yourself. Draw rangoli and may be you can add some color to them and you will have an awesome decor all set for the occasion.




Happy Diwali and be creative.


Images: My Home.

Weekend and Peace at Home

Hello Readers!!!

How are you? How was your week? Past few days I was feeling under the weather. I loaded myself with lots of juices and vitamins and now I am back. With the Fall season already here the wind is getting chilli, leaves are changing their colors…..shorter days and longer nights.

Well, having nothing to do much outdoors, I am finding some peace right at home. I brought this wonderful Buddha couple of days ago and I am totally in love with it. The Buddha seems very happy being drenched in the sun light and thus transforming the space serene and peaceful.

Have a wonderful  weekend.





Images: My Home

An auspicious day…Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Today is Ganesh Chaturdhi and the celebrations started much earlier than the previous year. Because I planned to make a clay mould of Ganesha this time. And I am very happy the way the mould came out.


Here are the instructions for making your own Ganesha at home.
Things you will need:
1. Fimo clay package.
2. DecoArt metallic paint
3. Decorative beads.

First start my taking some clay and pressing it between your hands. This is called conditioning. Press until you feel the clay is easy to work on. I used Fimo firm clay for this. You can use the soft ones too. Just make sure it is not too soft.

Second make 3 balls. A small one, next little bigger one and finally much bigger one.The smaller one is for the head. The bigger one is the torso and the last one is the bottom/ hip part. Similarly make ears and trunk with small balls. Attach them to the head.

And at last use some metallic paint and let it dry for half hour or so. Then attach some colorful beads. That’s it you are done. I did not bake my mould as it was firm and was holding the parts still. You can bake it according to the package instructions if you wish to. And let your creativity flow.


Images: My home

DIY fabric planter

Its been a while that I haven’t posted any DIY stuff. So here is a cool planter for your home/patio. With the summer out there …its time for potting plants, rearranging them and to find the perfect planters for them too.

We all have pieces of fabric laying around neglected or buried in the closet for long time. Take them out , choose the fabric right for you and put them to a good use. Check out the step by step instructions for this lovely fabric planter here.

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D.I.Y hangings

We moved to a new apartment recently and I was busy decorating my home. I have been looking for some simple and yet eye catching wall hanging. Some used air wick bottles were lying around. Thought I can use them as decor items…and here they are….



Things you need:

  • Used bottles
  • Acrylic paint
  • colorful beads
  • Yarn or string
  • Lace
  • Glue and
  • Scissors

How to do it:

First paint your bottles with the color you like. Let them dry. Now apply glue to  one end of the lace and put it on the middle of the bottle joining the other end. Do the same for the neck of the bottle. Take a string or yarn and tie a knot holding the bottle neck. Insert some colorful beads and repeat the process. That’s it you are done.

Image: My home.